Androver II

Androver II is a prototype of an autonomous mobile four-wheeled robot with artificial intelligence designed primarily for the outdoor environment. It is a universal rover that can be customized to fulfill different types of tasks. Its use depends on the tools and sensory equipment that are optional depending on the client’s requirements. It is possible to add a robotic arm, cutting tools, camera, scanner, GPS and other components which it uses for own movement.

Androver II can be used, for example, in a vineyard, where the robot can move autonomously and cultivate land. The robot has also undergone landfill testing for a team of geologists to investigate whether the subsoil is well insulated and safe for nature. Androver II took a day and night test at the European Space Agency at the DECOS complex on a simulated Moon surface for the simulated space mission of the Slovak astrobiologist Michaela Musilova. The robot is also used for educational purposes.

Chassis design and construction, hardware components, sensor equipment, control system implementation as well as software solutions are all developed by RoboTech Vision. We can say that the robot embodies the company’s gained know-how. Technologies such as Java, C, C ++, Python, ROS, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Prolog and others have been used for its development. The robot can be controlled by a joystick, by an Android application or can move autonomously. The company develops the rover to enable communication through voice commands as well.


Androver II is developed for the agriculture industry for soil cultivation, to a vineyard for cutting the grass, for geologists to explore subsoil or for the military industry. The robot also serves for presentation purposes at various events.

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