navigation algorithms

The RoboTech Vision company is engaged in the development of localization and navigation algorithms, which are mainly used in the field of mobile robotics. The robot is then able to move from point A to point B, either autonomously or with partial human intervention. The robot is also able to move on pre-planned routes, or use reactive navigation methods to create maps for future route planning.

Individual algorithms also ensure collisionless behavior of the robot in the environment in which it moves. In algorithms, we also try to refine the position of the robot, using, for example, the characteristics of the environment in which the robot moves. Navigation algorithms use sensor data such as GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, LiDar and visual system.

types of algorithms

RoboTech Vision focuses on different types of algorithms that operate on a different principle.

Global navigation

GPS navigation on the global map, refined by RTK Base-station. There are added sensors to the system, that provide collision-free movement in environment and planners that plan the robot’s trajectories based on the global map. The use of navigation is limited to places with GPS coverage, hence mainly outside.

Local navigation

Navigation on the local map, which is created with mapping algorithms. It is used in an environment that can be pre-mapped. It is also possible to use the features and natural characteristics of the environment to refine the position of the robot. Sensors and algorithms are added to ensure collision-free movement through the environment.


Reactive navigation

Navigate in an environment that does not rely on any environment map. Using a sensor system, the robot automatically moves in the environment without collision and without checking its position using a map. It is most often used to create a local environment map for local navigation purposes.


Androver II mobile robot and its autonomous ride using company´s navigation algorithms to recognize the route.

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