Androver I

Androver I is a mobile robot developed by RoboTech Vision company in 2014 and 2015. The project was based on the idea of using a smartphone or tablet as a control system for a robot. Controlling of the robot this way is easier and more practical than control of a robot with a computer. The company was one of the first in the world that used Android to develop autonomous navigation algorithms. The company later decided to develop these algorithms at a larger, more resistant and more practical Androver II model.

Androver I can be navigated autonomously or teleoperatively via smartphone. The base of control electronics is the Arduino platform. Bluetooth is used for communication between smartphone and electronics. Along with a control, the smartphone has a sensory function for a robot as well. It processes data from the SONY AS-15 camera, Hokuyo URG-04LX laser scanner, smart phone sensors and based on those information it generates control commands.

The camera also has a function of a live view, allowing the robot to be controlled remotely. Using the laser, the robot gets information about the position and size of obstacles and it can avoid them or stop in front of them. The rover is powered by two DC motors and two servomotors provide axle rotation. These are placed on a double Ackerman chassis. The robot is a remodeled four-wheeled RC off-road car. Rover is used on a simulated space mission to the Mars and Moon.


The robot took a place on a simulated space mission in Hawaii to explore with video camera a geological subsoil around the volcano Mauna Loa that is similiar to the surface of Mars and Moon.


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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


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