Androver II

Androver II is a prototype of an autonomous mobile four-wheeled robot with artificial intelligence designed primarily for the outdoor environment. It is a universal rover that can be customized to fulfill different types of tasks. Its use depends on the tools and sensory equipment that are optional depending on the client’s requirements. It is possible to add a robotic arm, cutting tools, camera, scanner, GPS and other components which it uses for own movement.

Androver II can be used, for example, in a vineyard, where the robot can move autonomously and cultivate land. The robot has also undergone landfill testing for a team of geologists to investigate whether the subsoil is well insulated and safe for nature. Androver II took a day and night test at the European Space Agency at the DECOS complex on a simulated Moon surface and won the first prize at an international competition in the category of autonomous ride. The robot is also used for educational purposes.

Chassis design and construction, hardware components, sensor equipment, control system implementation as well as software solutions are all developed by RoboTech Vision. We can say that the robot embodies the company’s gained know-how. Technologies such as Java, C, C ++, Python, ROS, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Prolog and others have been used for its development. The robot can be controlled by a joystick, by an Android application or can move autonomously. The company develops the rover to enable communication through voice commands as well.


Features that distinguish Androver II from competing robots in the same category.



For example, Androver II can be customized to a vineyard where the robot can move autonomously and cultivate soil. The robot can be also used in a landfill where it has been tested for a team of geologists. Androver II is also being used for educational purposes.




Androver II can be controlled by a joystick in a teleoperator device or by using an Android app on a tablet. The rover can also move autonomously, it is also possible to communicate with it through voice commands. Everyone can learn how to control it.



As one of the few mobile robots, Androver II can move up to 35 kilometers per hour. Therefore, the robot can move quickly from A to B. Its dexterity is ensured by the engines in the wheels, the kinematics of the chassis, the low center of gravity and the robot can handle the unevenness of the terrain thanks to the suspension.



The RoboTech Vision company products are made to relieve people of monotonous, difficult or dangerous jobs. They are therefore developed with regard to user safety. The robot is equipped with mechanical brakes and an emergency button for immediate stopping of the robot.



Androver II is due to its equipment and use one of the most affordable mobile robots on the domestic and foreign markets. The price of the robot depends on the equipment that is implemented for it due to a desired function. The prices are therefore individual for each client.

how does it work?

Androver II consists of four parts that are connected. The sensor system sends the collected data to the computer, which sends the voltage to the controllers in the hardware that is controlled by human or autonomously.

Sensory system

Sensory system

Interaction with environment

The sensor system includes a camera, scanner, GPS, IMU (accelerometer, magnetoscope, and gyroscope) to collect data from the environment and send it to the computer.



Data processing

The robot‘s computer processes localization, navigation, mapping, object recognition from sensors, includes AI, algorithms, and sends packets to controllers based on them.



Running of robot

The hardware consists of a chassis with controllers that control the drives. They transmit voltage to servo and BLDC motors. There are also a brake system and batteries in the hardware.



Robot Control

The robot can be controlled via a box or Android application. Both are connected to a computer via WiFi and LoR. The robot can also be controlled by voice commands and can move autonomously.


Choose from the Androver II versions, which vary in focus and equipment. We make custom package calculations or consultancy.

optional components

The parts that each of the Androver II models contain, but their choice depends on the client’s preferences.

Battery pack

Lead-Acid VRLA (3 x 12V/35Ah)

Standard, affordable battery pack for Androver II.

Li-Ion (35Ah)

A higher-level battery pack that lighten the robot of 20 kilograms.


Composite frame

Easier, affordable robot coverage with optional frame color.

Steel frame

More durable, heavier robot coverage with optional frame color.

Frame color


10 inches

Wheels 10″ in diameter. The power and speed of the robot remains unchanged.

12 inches

Wheels 12″ in diameter. The power and speed of the robot remains unchanged.

14 inches

Wheels 14″ in diameter. The power and speed of the robot remains unchanged.


See other products that can be added on Androver II. The components extend the convenience of the robot or make it easier to use.

Solar Access Point

Wireless network


Computer for work with AI and neural networks

Hokuyo UST-10LX

2D laser scanner

UM7 Orientation Sensor

Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer

Axis M1125

IP camera

Velodyne Puck

3D laser scanner

GPS u-blox RTK

GPS navigation


Androver II stands out for its speed, load capacity and dexterity. These features are also ensured by the hardware construction of these dimensions.




WIDTH (cm)


SPEED (km/h)

Technical Description

Characteristics of the components that form part of the individual packages of Androver II. Their addition varies depending on the purpose for which the robot is to be used.

1. Velodyne

2. Central control computer

3. Power electronics

4. Hokuyo laser scanner

5. AI-Box

6. 500W Hub motor

7. Axis camera

8. Controllers for motors

9. Servomotor

10. Communication module

11. Battery pack

12. Adjustable mufflers


The Androver II robot can be used for various tasks in various environments. The video captures its autonomous navigation using visual system.

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