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Since 2017, the company has also been developing algorithms that use elements of artificial intelligence. They use algorithms in many areas, for example robot-human interaction, mobile robot navigation, or recognition of objects and their specific features. For example, company robots can recognize faces, follow objects, and they can learn new information, connections, and relations, or create a database of nearby objects. Artificial intelligence also helps robots to create a route or a map and avoid obstacles.

The goal of RoboTech Vision is to use artificial intelligence to ensure meaningful communication with people, to teach robots to gain new knowledge, to logically divert relations between them and to use acquired knowledge to accomplish tasks. In addition to robots, the company uses artificial intelligence algorithms for software solutions such as an intelligent CCTV that can recognize faces, people, animals, objects or vehicle registration plates, and send an autonomous drone to given place. They focus mainly on three types of artificial intelligence: the human machine interface, the cognitive system, and the navigation and localization system.

types of ai

RoboTech Vision focuses on various elements of artificial intelligence that operate on a different principle.


Human machine interface

The human machine interface deals mainly with the development of an interface that allows a person to use voice commands and the robot understands what task to fulfill. The interface also allows inserting information, knowledge about objects to the robot, and learning new objects and their properties.

The cognitive system

The main goal of the cognitive system is to develop an interface that allows the robot to recognize the objects it sees in its surroundings using the visual system. The robot can also assign extracted properties to those objects and create logical links between them.

The navigation and localization system

Usually it is the combination of the visual system and the AI algorithms of the company. The robot can locate in space using the algorithms together with the natural environment signs. The robot also recognizes the route, its shape, and knows where to go at the crossroad to fulfill the task.


An example of using Artificial Intelligence in practice is the autonomous navigation of the Androver II robot, which detects the route.

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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


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