Caster equipped with a UVC lamp

Thanks to the cooperation with NOVO Technologies, which focuses on disinfection technologies, our robot Caster in combination with a UVC germicidal lamp has found a practical use as a disinfection solution. The robot is suitable for this purpose mainly because UVC technologies are used in the interior spaces which the robot is primarily designed for.

Caster is characterized by great agility and its dimensions allow it to pass through the door. Thanks to its large wheels, it is able to overcome obstacles such as door sills. Moreover, the robot is quiet and does not disturb the surroundings. The main advantage of a germicidal lamp on a robotic chassis is that the radius of action of the lamp becomes movable, thus reducing the disinfection time and electrical energy.


Teleoperator control

The robot is controlled by a joystick and an application via a WiFi network, thus preventing people from entering dangerous areas.

Person recognition

The robot’s UVC lamp is equipped with a 360° camera that uses AI to recognizes a person and turn off dangerous light in his presence.

Dexterity and passability

The unique chassis can be rotated by 180° on site, making it suitable for smaller spaces. The robot runs quietly and overcomes unevenness.


“We worked with RoboTech Vision on the development of new product, an indoor, teleoperative UVC disinfection robot. The company has developed a unique chassis with tremendous indoor mobility capabilities. They’ve also added state-of-the-art security features to recognize people using artificial intelligence.”

– Ing. Peter Novák MBA, Novo Ltd.

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The company focuses on the development of autonomous robots with AI elements. It strives to develop universal solutions for various tasks, industries and environments.


AON algorithm

AVN algorithm

ADN algorithm

ORC algorithm




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