The list of answers to the questions the company receives from lay and professional public during the presentations, exhibitions or in the communication with the clients.

Why is your robot unique?

A mobile robot Androver II, which is created from the base by the RoboTech Vision company, is different from the other robots of the same category for example in the kinematics of a Double Ackerman chassis and drives. Rover also uses features of the AI, it can move autonomously and can move up to 35 kilometers per hour.

How much it costs to produce a robot?

The RoboTech Vision company has mainly prototypes of robots, which are still being developed. Therefore it is not possible to tell the price yet. An exact calculation depends on the purposes of the robot and the components used according to the client’s requests.

How long does it take to produce a robot?

Development of a robot depends on the difficulty of its future purposes. At the moment, the RoboTech Vision company has many intelligent solutions in the means of algorithms which will speed up the production of customized robots, for example language processing, face recognition, object tracking, map making and obstacle avoidance.

When will your robot fly to the universe?

The RoboTech Vision company tries to develop platforms to various environments. A Slovak astrobiologist chose the Androver I robot in the October 2019 for a simulated space mission to Hawaii, which lava surface is similar to Mars and Moon. If the robot should go for a mission to real planet, it would have to be equipped differently.

For what purposes are your robots made?

RoboTech Vision produces universal robots, which can be customized to fulfil various tasks due to the client’s requests. It is possible to add an robotic arm, cutting tools, camera, scanner and GPS, which it uses for own movement. We are mainly aimed for geology, the agriculture industry, household and the military industry.

Where is your company located?

The official location is at Červený Kameň Castle in the Pezinok district. Workplace of the company is, however, in Bratislava at Dvořákovo Námestie in the River Park. Addresses are different because at the time of the company’s start, the CEOs did not operate the offices as well.

From where do you manage to find finances for development?

The RoboTech Vision company is aimed for the development, orders in the field of robotics and its popularization. The smaller activities of the company include development of its own products, applications, softwares and creating webpages. These activities along with presentations and exhibitions are the main sources of finances for the company.

Looking for new people for the team?

The RoboTech Vision team currently has eight members, each working on a different field of development. With the growing interest of companies in intelligent solutions, the team gradually expands and works on multiple projects at the same time. The company is therefore open to young, talented people interested in robotics.

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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


  • Androver I
  • Androver II
  • Husky A200
  • UR 5
  • RX 90
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Military simulation software


  • Androver II
  • Intelligent CCTV
  • Navigation algorithms
  • AI-Box
  • Solar Access Point
  • Solar distribution unit
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Websites


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