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The RoboTech Vision company can use artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms to very accurately and in real time recognize different objects in the image. The company algorithms can be therefore used to guard objects in the form of an intelligent CCTV. Its advantage is that it does not only recognize movement, but is able to determine what caused the motion alarm.

The system can work with an existing system, classic IP cameras of various companies, with thermal imaging cameras, it can be also connected to smart homes and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone application. Using algorithms to recognize people, faces, vehicles, or their vehicle registration plates, the system is able to open door locks and monitor people’s entry into the building.

The system works as a whole. The cameras provide motion detection and a motion alarm is triggered if they evaluate motion in the image. If the system evaluates an trespasser in the image, the administrator will see a view window from the camera in which the trespasser was detected. The guard is alerted by a pop-up window and a sound signal too. The system can also send a drone to the place of trespassing.


Features that distinguish our Intelligent CCTV from commonly used security camera systems.


High accuracy

Nothing will escape the intelligent camera system. It records any movement, whether caused by an animal or a trespasser. The system will only trigger an alarm after the server has determined that it is a human. In that case, the system sends the image from the camera to the security guard and also notifies him by sound.



The CCTV does not trigger false alarms. The alarm is triggered by the system after it has evaluated the trespasser as a human. In addition to object monitoring, the system can thank to AI recognize faces, animals, cars, vehicle registration plates and based on those recognitions, for example, open locks on a property.




Although the system uses complex algorithms, its use is very simple. The landowner or security guard has access to a control center where they can adjust the system or camera settings and check the object in real time. The system can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone application.



In addition to detecting an trespasser on the property, the system can also send a drone into place. The drone’s functionality depends on the client’s requirements. The drone may be sent to a location to alert the trespasser that they have entered a private property and order them to stand still, or it may also autonomously follow them when escaping.



The type of cameras used, their role or functions of the drone as well as other details of the system depend on the intended use. The choice of cameras as well as the focus of the software is therefore customized to the client’s requirements. The resulting price of the security system also derives from these criteria. We offer three packages of Intelligent CCTV.

How does it work?

The Intelligent CCTV consists of four parts that are interconnected. Set of cameras, camera server with Recognition Unit, User Control Center and drone.

Set of cameras

Set of cameras

Records movement

The camera system includes primary IP cameras and thermal imaging cameras from the global Axis producer. The type of used cameras depends on the intended use. Cameras are therefore chosen mainly based on client requirements.

Recognition Unit

Recognition Unit

Data processing

The role of RU is to evaluate alarms using neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms. It also includes a server, which is a storage of video recordings from a set of cameras in a guarded building.


User Control Center

User Control Center

Triggers an alarm

The UCC serves as a monitoring station for the security service, where it is possible to change system and camera settings. The UCC displays images from cameras, generates audio and video alarms, and other details as well.




Flies to the point of trespass

The drone flies to the alarm site and transmits a bird’s eye view to the User Control Center. The drone can order the trespasser to stand still, or to follow him autonomously, which is a great deterrent factor.



Choose from CCTV versions that vary in functions and equipment. We do custom price calculation and consultancy on packages.


See how the Intelligent CCTV system works in practice. Detected objects are marked by the camera with the bounding box and evaluate the nature of the object.

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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


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