Solar access point

Dual-band Solar Access Point allows us to create a wireless network with mesh topology that ensures fast data transfer and overload resistance. The device is powered by a battery, which is rechargeable. It is also possible to connect a solar panel to create an island system capable of operating independently without human intervention. The Solar Access Point comes with a 30W solar panel and a stand that can be used in any terrain.


Access point, Router, Extender, Client


WiFi transmission: 1 200 Mb/s

LAN port transmission speed: 1 Gbit

Encryption: WPS, WEP 64bit, WEP 128bit, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

4 x LAN

1x WAN

Advanced functions Dual-Band (2,4 + 5 GHz), Gigabit LAN, DMZ (De-militarised Zone) , UPnP

DHCP funtion: DHCP Client List , DynDns



The price of the Solar Access Point varies depending on its purpose of use. We make a custom calculation or consultancy for the device

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