Solar distribution unit

A solar distribution unit is a product that supplies electricity to places where the power is no longer reachable. The device is small in size and thanks to the solar panel and batteries it can be recharged directly in the field. The charging station is designed on the principle of an island system, making it easy to transport and use as a source in crisis situations, for recreational use or in remote areas without access to electricity. The design ensures impact resistance and water resistance. The status and charge information of the solar distribution unit is displayed for the user on the display.


The basic version distributes power in the form of 2x 5V/ 2.1A USB connector, 2x 5V / 1A USB connector, 1x 12V car plug and 1x AC 230V / 300W. It includes a solar panel.

12 V/ 2,5W

The basic version includes also an AC adapter.

Basic version capacity is 10Ah.


The price of a Solar Distribution Unit varies depending on its use. We make a custom calculation and consultancy for the device.

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