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Several influencing media and companies mentioned the RoboTech Vision company and its work and projects.

Canadian robotics company

A nationwide public television

A nationwide public television

A news television channel

The News Agency of the Slovak Republic

A daily newspaper by Petit Press

A daily newspaper by N Press

An online news portal

A daily newspaper by MAFRA Slovakia

A daily newspaper by PEREX

A monthly newspaper by Petit Press

A daily newspaper by FPD Media

A daily newspaper by News & Media Holding

An online news portal

An online regional news portal

A magazine focused on investing and tech

A weekly magazine focused on economy and business

An online news portal about IT

A magazine focused on the information technology

A magazine focused on science and technology

An online portal about technologies

A European online lifestyle portal

An online portal about business and technologies

A positive news portal

An online travel magazine

An online news portal

An online news portal

A scientific-popularization portal by CVTI SR

An online portal of the Slovak Organization for Space Activities

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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


  • Androver I
  • Androver II
  • Husky A200
  • UR 5
  • RX 90
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Military simulation software


  • Androver II
  • Intelligent CCTV
  • Navigation algorithms
  • AI-Box
  • Solar Access Point
  • Solar distribution unit
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Websites


RoboTech Vision Ltd.
Červený kameň 61
900 89 Častá

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