Autonomous drone navigation

The ADN algorithm is a set of software applications for the Android OS by which it is possible to implement autonomous flights of drones by the leading manufacturer Dji. The solution consists of two applications. The first is the service application, with which it is possible to manually plan the exact trajectories of autonomous drone flight. Using the second application, it is possible to launch an autonomous drone flight on a selected trajectory, monitor its position on the map and telemetry data in real time, as well as live view from its camera equipment.

The solution is universal for all Dji drones with Android API support. The application can be used especially in the area of ​​guarding private premises or regular patrol for the purpose of data collection. If necessary, it is possible to take control of the drone at any time using the joystick supplied by the Dji company.

Supported drones

Mavic 2 and higher classes

Output / communication


Required hardware

Dji drone, tablet with Android OS 


Outdoors (within the limits of the legislation)


Security system

An autonomous drone can be used for regular patrols within a private premises and provide live view from its camera equipment.

Data collection

The Dji drone with ADN algorithm can be used for data collection, for example in agriculture, which are intended for further analysis.


Autonomous drone can also be used in the logistics structures, where it help with the transport of smaller shipments to the destination.


Dji drone transmits data to the application via WiFi and RF connection. The interface provides the user with all the necessary data and options.

Telemetry data

The application provides information on the current status of the drone such as altitude, distance, GPS and battery status.

Drone commands

The user has the option to select a route and start an autonomous flight or send the drone to the home position. You can take control of the device with the joystick.

Route map

The map shows the routes that the drone can fly, as well as its current location. The map uses OSM data with the possibility of switching levels.

Camera´s live view

During the autonomous flight of the drone, it is possible to watch the live view from the camera. The app displays the image from the RGB or thermal camera.

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