Indoor robotic platform

The Caster mobile robot is a versatile platform designed for both outdoor but primarily to the indoor environments. The robot overcomes door sills, raised covers or drainage channels and can move outdoors, especially on paved roads. Caster can safely carry loads of up to 75 kilograms.

The robot’s base is a differential wheel chassis with two powered wheels and two support casters. The larger wheel size and performance characteristics of the drives ensure a smooth transition through uneven terrain. The platform can be equipped with a robotic arm, RTV sensor Box for autonomous movement, or other equipment as required.



Thanks to the gearless drives, the Caster robot runs quietly and does not disturb its surroundings with excessive noise.

Powerful, maintenance-free

Maintenance-free drives give the robot high agility and the ability to move quickly and smoothly even on uneven surfaces.


Precise position control of the robot predestines it for operations that require high precision of the device movement in the environment.


The regenerative braking function also helps with a highly efficient drive, thus significantly increasing the operating time of the robot.


The load capacity of the chassis combined with a large loading area allows you to place a load of up to 75 kg or other necessary equipment.


The ability to use the robot in different environments and for different types of tasks makes it an adaptable robotic platform.


Caster as a disinfection platform

Cooperation with NOVO Technologies brought the practical use of the Caster mobile robot. Among other things, NOVO is also involved in disinfection technologies, and this is where the idea of equipping a mobile robot with a germicidal lamp came from. Each UVC lamp has a so-called action radius of the lamp. The main advantage of a germicidal lamp on a robotic chassis is that the germicidal area is movable. This leads to a shortening of the disinfection time of the premises.


R&D platform

Basic platform suitable for universities and research institutions for algorithm development. It can be supplemented with sensor and software equipment as required, or outputs for other devices.


A platform suitable as a service robot controlled by a teleoperator using the RTV Teleop application. It is possible to equip the robot with a sensor system, robotic arm or devices as required.


An autonomous platform designed for both outdoor and indoor environments. The robot is equipped with the RTV sensor Box and AON algorithm. The device is able to get autonomously to the specified position without collision and perform the task.



Width: 700 mm

Height: 380 mm

Length: 900 mm

Front wheel diameter: 360 mm

Rear wheel diameter: 160 mm

Weight: 40 kg

Power supply

Removable Li-ion battery pack 23Ah 36V

Charging: 42VDC adapter

Charging time: 4 h


Operating time: 4 h

Ground clearance: 150 mm

Load capacity: 75 kg

Maximum speed: 5 km / h

Drives and control

Drives: 2x BLDC HUB 500W 36V

Drive control: positional

Computational unit

According to type and application (standard Advantech industrial PC)

Main PC data

Inputs and outputs


  • 2xRJ45/1Gbit
  • 2x USB


  • 12V/10A
  • 5V, 12V and 24V (depending on requirements)


  • WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5GHz



API and support: ROS Melodic, C/C++, Python, Java

Simulation environments: Webots, Gazebo

Control modes: remote control, ROS cmd_vel commands

Feedback: battery voltage, motor currents, wheel odometry, control system status, temperature, safety status


Stop button

WiFi e-Stop


Indoors, outdoors (paved roads)

Temperature: from -10 °C to + 45 °C


RTV sensor Box

Combined sensor for autonomous movement.

RTV Teleop

Robot control application displaying device telemetry.

GPS u-blox RTK

Add-on for autonomous navigation of the robot outdoors.


Device for robot orientation during navigation.

WiFi extension

Modular solution of external and internal structure of WiFi.

RoboTech Vision logo

The company focuses on the development of autonomous robots with AI elements. It strives to develop universal solutions for various tasks, industries and environments.


AON algorithm

AVN algorithm

ADN algorithm

ORC algorithm




RTV sensor Box


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