RoboTech Vision focuses on the development of mobile robots with AI elements, thanks to which the devices can move autonomously and perceive the environment. The company develops algorithms for several types of robotic platforms, trying to develop universal solutions that can be used in different industries, environments, and for different tasks. The company’s software can also be used in existing systems.

Mobile robotics

RoboTech Vision develops its robotic platforms designed for different environments and tasks, on which it deploys its intelligent software.

AI and neural networks

Thanks to AI and neural networks development, devices can learn, create a knowledge base and use it to perform various tasks.

Navigation algorithms

The company develops autonomous navigation and location algorithms for different types of platforms that plan a route and avoid obstacles.

Visual systems

The company also focuses on recognizing people, vehicles, animals, faces and car registration numbers or tracking objects.

Voice control

Voice processing is also part of the development. Thanks to the Speech to text algorithm, devices can be controlled by voice from an app.

Customized solutions

The company also focuses on specific tasks in which robots equipped with intelligent algorithms independently solve complex tasks.


AON algorithm

Autonomous navigation in the outdoor area is used to navigate the robot on roads and intersections without human intervention. The robot can also avoid obstacles. More »

AVN algorithm

Autonomous navigation in the vineyard ensures the robot’s movement in the rows of the vineyard, between them, stopping in front of an obstacle, and a live view from a camera. More »

ORC algorithm

With ORC algorithm, it is possible to detect people, recognise faces, dynamic and static objects, environment or teach the neural network to distinguish custom objects.  More »

ADN algorithm

Autonomous drone navigation enables autonomous flight of the Dji drone, live view from a camera, monitoring the map position of drone, and telemetry data. More »



The RTV sensor Box is a combined sensor that enables the robot to plan a route, autonomously pass to the destination, detect and avoid obstacles, or preprocess data for other algorithms. The sensor combines a 360° camera, a front camera, and a 3D lidar with high output accuracy.



The Crawler mobile robot is designed primarily for the offroad. Durability, terrain capabilities and a low centre of gravity are the basis for the robot’s movement in difficult terrain and on unpaved surfaces. Crawler can be loaded with an 80 kg load and meets the IP 65 specification.



The Caster mobile robot is a versatile platform designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. The robot overcomes door sills, raised covers or drainage channels and can move outdoors, especially on paved roads. Caster can safely carry loads up to 75 kilograms.




"We also tested two other robotic vehicles provided by ESA on the mission. We also had to find the limits of their action in the terrain. Of all three rovers, RoboTech Vision's Androver I worked best. It had the longest endurance, overcame the most difficult obstacles and we were able to control it from inside the station. "

– Dr. Michaela Musilová, SOSA


"The Slovak team from RoboTech Vision, s.r.o. excelled in all competitive tasks, thanks to which the team under the Slovak flag achieved the best times in the international competition in all disciplines. It thus confirmed that companies with high innovation potential are also developing in Slovakia in the defence sector."

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic


“They are developing a universal algorithm for mobile robots.”

“Three robotics graduates gave the robot eyes and ears.”

“The robot can detect the obstacle and also its nature.”

“The Slovak robot helps in space research.”

“The products of the Slovak company have amazed the world.”

“The Slovak robot was part of the space ESA mission.”

RoboTech Vision logo

The company focuses on the development of autonomous robots with AI elements. It strives to develop universal solutions for various tasks, industries and environments.


AON algorithm

AVN algorithm

ADN algorithm

ORC algorithm




RTV sensor Box


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