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The RoboTech Vision company operates in the domestic and the foreign market. The company is represented by a mobile robot called Androver II which has undergone tests by the European Space Agency for simulated mission purposes and won the first prize at an international competition in the category of autonomous ride.  



The RoboTech Vision company operates in a wide area of the technical and IT industries and produces customized products for customers. It specializes mainly in these four branches.


Robotics is the main sector of the company whether it is dealing with mobile robots, robotic arms, or drones. RoboTech Vision also focuses on navigation and localization algorithms, visual systems, image processing and hardware development especially in  mobile robotics.

Artificial intelligence

The company develops elements of AI and neural network in the area of language processing, face recognition, object tracking, mapping and obstacle avoidance. Robots can learn and create a knowledge base and use it while fulfilling tasks by using these algorithms.

Control electronics

In the field of control electronics, the company has experience in developing and programming various types of control circuits. For instance, the company deals with drive control, various types of battery management systems, and the designing of sensory systems.

Apps and webpages

Another specialization of the company is creating web applications such as e-shops, information and registration systems, and presentation profiles of companies. Besides web applications, the company also develops mobile apps such as AI robot control app or data visualization for iOS and Android OS.









„The intellect is the lever by which to move the world.“

– Honoré de Balzac

The robots will be an essential part of our everyday life in the future. RoboTech Vision focuses on the creation of intelligent platforms which would relieve people of monotonous, difficult or dangerous jobs.

years of experiences





The company RoboTech Vision operates in various fields where it has gained ample experience in the interaction with environment. Their current status is presented in the graphs.


our projects

The company RoboTech Vision has a wide portfolio. The main projects which represent the company – besides the software solutions, robotic arms and drones – are three mobile robots.

Androver I

A mobile robot

Androver I is a mobile rover which was created in 2015 as an idea of combining a robot with a smartphone. The company members have been one of the first people in the world to use the Android operating system for the development of autonomous navigation algorithms. The robot is used on a simulated space mission. Its successor is a bigger and more practical model of a mobile robot called Androver II.

Androver II

A mobile robot

Androver II is a prototype of an autonomous mobile four wheeled robot with artificial intelligence designed for fulfilling various types of tasks primarily in the outdoor environment. Androver II can be used for vineyard cultivation or for observing waste dumps. It has also undergone tests by the European Space Agency and won the first prize at an international competition in the category of autonomous ride.

Husky A200

A mobile robot

Husky A200 is a mobile robot of a Canadian company called Clearpath Robotics on which the RoboTech Vision company tests their own algorithms. Thanks to our algorithms, the rover uses a complex computing neural network by which it recognizes objects and follows them autonomously outside and it detects a convenient route for movement while avoiding obstacles.

The range of operations 

The RoboTech Vision company tries to develop universal platforms, which can be used in various environments. The four main fields are the following.


RoboTech Vision’s products can be used also in households. An example can be the combination of robotics and smart houses, security system or robots customized for gardens.


The company RoboTech Vision develops robots which can cut the grass or cultivate and manure soil. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the robot can distinguish a weed from a plant and kill the weed.


The company’s robots can collect samples in the environment with robotic arms, autonomously follow geologists using the intelligent algorithms and help them with their work in difficult terrain.

Military industry

RoboTech Vision customizes their robots for reconnaissance and service purposes. The company also developed simulation software for monitoring military training in the terrain.


our products

The company is aimed besides the development also for selling its own platforms. Products of the company include the Androver II robot, intelligent CCTV and AI-Box.

Intelligent CCTV

An intelligent safety system can recognize persons, faces, vehicles or vehicle registration plates using AI and neural networks. The autonomous drone is sent to the place of trespass.

Navigation algorithms

A robot can get autonomously from point A to point B using navigation algorithms. It can also move without collisions on the planned routes and it can create maps for next route planning.


A computer with a high level of computing performance is suitable for fast running algorithms that use neural networks. AI-Box is helping a robot or intelligent CCTV to recognize a route, persons or objects.

Solar Access Point

The Solar Access Point allows you to create a wireless network with mesh topology that ensures fast data transfer and overload resistance. The unit is also able to operate independently using a solar panel.

Solar distribution unit

The device delivers electricity to places where the power is no longer reachable. It can be used as a source in crisis situations or for recreational purposes. Thanks to the solar panel it can be recharged in the field.

Apps and websites

The company has been developing Android applications since the arrival of the first smartphones. RoboTech Vision also developed apps with AI for robot control or apps for data visualization.



The company has had the opportunity during its time on the market to collaborate with various prominent companies. Here are the three most important of them.

Finance group

Slovak Organisation for Space Activities

Computers for mobile, industrial and military applications


The company RoboTech Vision is trying to popularize robotics and present their work in various competition and conferences at home and abroad.

RoboTech Vision on Forbes Technology 2019

RoboTech Vision has accepted an invitation to the Forbes Technology 2019 event. Together with astrobiologist Michaela Musilova, project manager of ESA Business Incubation Center in Prague Michal Kuneš and theoretical physicist Juraj Tekel, we discussed the topic Space, business without borders.

Androver II won the first place in an international competition

RoboTech Vision participated with their robot Androver II in the Istrobot 2019 competition at the FEI STU along with teams from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. Our robot won first place in the category ‘There and Back Again’. Its task was to go to the given point and back to the start as fast as possible. The robot did the 300m route in two minutes and 28 seconds. A new cowling had its premiere as well.

Androver II has undergone tests by the European Space Agency

Androver II has successfully undergone tests in the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands. The robot has undergone a day and night test on a simulated Moon surface where it was exploring damaged parts of a lander. The company also presented their work at the VU Space Day conference where the robot tried movement on a sandy surface in front of a team of geologists.

Androver II attended the European Rover Challenge

The company RoboTech Vision and its robot attended the competition in one of the biggest international space and robotics events in the world – the European Rover Challenge 2018 in Poland. The team presented Androver II to leading figures of the space industry.

Androver II among the best Slovak projects

RoboTech Vision accepted the invitation to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conference. The topic was using new technologies for sustainable development. Our team with Androver II has become one of the best innovative Slovak projects. Members of OECD, famous politicians and diplomats took a look at our robot. 

Androver II participated in the Talks conference

The RoboTech Vision team presented Androver II at the Talks conference in Bratislava in front of diplomats and businesspeople. As a part of the ‘Innovation Fair’ section, the company had an interview about the purpose of the robot and its missions. They also briefly demonstrated the movement of Andover II during the presentation.

RoboTech Vision on European Researchers’ Night

Along with many other interesting projects, RoboTech Vision attended the European Researchers’ Night science festival in Bratislava. Visitors had the opportunity to see Androver II and to try to control Androver I. The team answered all sorts of curious questions and provided a short interview about their projects.

Androver II in the Power Plant Piešťany

Androver II visited the Piešťany Power Plant which is a national cultural monument. Visitors could watch the robot in motion, they asked a lot of questions and participated in a short quiz with attractive prizes. Younger visitors had the opportunity to try programming small Ozobots.

Androver II visited a nuclear power plant

The RoboTech Vision team attended the awards of Misia Mars II competition in the Mochovce Nuclear Plant. They talked about their work and answered to many curious questions together with the astrobiologist Michaela Musilová and a participant of a simulated mission to the Moon Matej Poliaček from SOSA. After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to see Androver II in motion outside.

RoboTech Vision at the Automatica exhibition

The company RoboTech Vision also visited the biggest exhibition of automation and service robotics in Munich. The team examined the newest innovations and technologies of competing businesses in the fields of industry and service robotics from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and Japan.

RoboTech Vision at a press conference about a simulated NASA mission

At the end of January 2018, there was a press conference about an eight month simulated mission to Mars led by NASA. The RoboTech engineers attended the conference and them and their team constructed a rover named Androver II for the mission.

Written about us

Several influencing media and companies mentioned the RoboTech Vision company, its work and projects.

Canadian robotics company

A nationwide public television

A news television channel

A daily newspaper by Petit Press

A daily newspaper by N Press

A daily newspaper by MAFRA Slovakia

A daily newspaper by PEREX

A magazine focused on investing and tech

A weekly magazine focused on economy and business

An online news portal about IT


Check out the news about the company RoboTech Vision, the results of its work, and further steps for the company in the near future.

Autonomous navigation in the vineyard using a visual system

Autonomous navigation in the vineyard using a visual system

Dominika Krajčovičová | 21. december 2020 | Development | Facebook | The Androver II robotic test platform, completely developed by RoboTech Vision, can move autonomously in a vineyard thanks to our algorithm. It mainly uses an RTV sensor from the RoboTech Vision...

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Autonomous map navigation in different environments

Autonomous map navigation in different environments

Dominika Krajčovičová | July 30, 2020 | Development | Facebook | Thanks to our algorithm, the Husky A200 robot from the Canadian company Clearpath can cross the specified route autonomously in different environments. It mainly uses an RTV sensor developed by RoboTech...

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RoboTech Vision is a Slovak company, which develops robots and algorithms with artificial intelligence to help with work of geologists, soldiers, farmers and common people in households.


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  • Androver II
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  • Navigation algorithms
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  • Solar distribution unit
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