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RoboTech Vision strives to popularize robotics through various presentations at home and abroad and interviews for the media. The company also regularly provides information about its news through press releases. Take a look at some of our outputs.

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Mobile robotics

The main focus of RoboTech Vision company is mobile robotics. The company also provides expert opinions on this topic. 

Artificial intelligence

The company also deals with the development of AI and neural networks. The company also answers questions about their development.

Autonomous navigation

Autonomous navigation algorithms form a significant part of the company’s development, so the firm also comments on this area.


Canadian robotics company

Slovak public television

Slovak public television

News television channel

Commercial television station

Press Agency of the Slovak Republic

Daily newspaper of Petit Press

Daily newspaper of N Press

Online news portal

Daily newspaper of the MAFRA Slovakia

Daily newspaper of PEREX

Monthly newspaper by Petit Press

Daily newspaper of FPD Media

Daily newspaper of News & Media Holding

Online news portal

Online regional news portal

Magazine focused on investment and innovation

Weekly magazine focused on economy and business

Online news portal focused on IT

Magazine focused on information technology

Magazine about science and technology

Online technology portal

European lifestyle online portal

Online portal about business and technology

Positive news portal

Online travel magazine

Online news portal

Online news portal

Scientific-popularization portal of CVTI SR

Portal of the Slovak Space Agency


RoboTech Vision on Forbes Technology 2019

RoboTech Vision on Forbes Technology 2019

RoboTech Vision has accepted an invitation to the Forbes Technology 2019 event. Together with astrobiologist Michaela Musilova, project manager of ESA Business Incubation Center in Prague Michal Kuneš and theoretical physicist Juraj Tekel, we...

Androver II among the best Slovak projects

Androver II among the best Slovak projects

RoboTech Vision accepted the invitation to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conference. The topic was using new technologies for sustainable development. Our team with Androver II has become one of the best...

RoboTech Vision logo

The company focuses on the development of autonomous robots with AI elements. It strives to develop universal solutions for various tasks, industries and environments.


AON algorithm

AVN algorithm

ADN algorithm



RTV sensor Box


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