Autonomous outdoor navigation

AON algorithm is a software solution with which the robot can move on paved roads without collisions and without human intervention. The teleoperator first maps the surroundings with the robot, which results in a local map of the environment. Thanks to the sensor system, the robot autonomously navigates the specified route. Commands can be entered using the application by marking a location on the map or by voice.

The software ensures the crossing of difficult intersections and the avoidance of static and dynamic obstacles. Algorithm can be modified for deployment on various robotic platforms, but autonomous navigation requires the necessary sensor equipment. The optimal solution is to use one of our robotic platforms equipped with an RTV sensor Box. At present, it is possible to navigate using the AON algorithm and RTV sensor Box even in an indoor environment.

Supported kinematics


Output / communication

ROS topic cmd_vel

Required hardware

RTV sensor Box, IMU, GPS, odometry


Outdoors (paved, unpaved roads)


Security system

The AON algorithm can be deployed on a device that will serve, for example, as an autonomous patrol robot guarding the premises.


The autonomous navigation algorithm can also be used in logistics, where the device delivers goods by road to the destination.

Communal use

The AON algorithm can also be used to clean streets with a mobile robot or other device equipped with autonomous software.


The AON algorithm consists of two phases, as the robot is also controlled by a map created in advance by a teleoperator.

Data collection for map creation

Autonomous outdoor navigation


For the correct function of the AON algorithm, it is necessary to use the IMU, GPS, odometry and the RTV sensor Box on the robotic platform.


Solution for commercial platforms

A comprehensive solution with the necessary sensor equipment (RTV sensor Box), computational unit and AON algorithm, which is able to communicate with a mobile robotic platform supporting ROS via the ROS topic cmd_vel. This solution is suitable for implementing algorithms on various commercially available robotic platforms.

Solution with our platform

A complete solution suitable for the end consumer. It includes the necessary software tools (AON algorithm) and hardware tools (RTV sensor Box, IMU, GPS, odometry) which are applied to one of our robotic platforms. If you do not like the selected forms of sales, contact us and we will cusmotize our solution to your needs.

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