Autonomous navigation sensor

The RTV sensor Box is a combined sensor that enables the robot to plan a route, autonomously pass to the destination even through complex intersections, detect and avoid obstacles, or preprocess data for other algorithms. The task of the sensor is to segment the path, detect static and dynamic obstacles and recognize them. Using data from the sensor, it is possible to create a map of the environment which can be used for navigation of autonomous devices equipped with an RTV sensor Box.

The sensor combines a 360° camera that provides path segmentation data, a front camera with object recognition, and a 3D lidar to give an idea of the size and distance of obstacles. The individual parts of the sensor are calibrated to each other, which ensures high output accuracy. It is a universal device that can also be deployed on existing platforms. The optimal solution is to use one of our robotic platforms.


Scans the environment

The RTV sensor Box scans the environment using 3D-Lidar. It has an idea of the obstacle´s dimensions or distance in the range of 360°.

Segments the path

With 360° camera and algorithms using neural networks, the sensor is able provide information about the suitable path to the destination.

Recognizes objects

Static and dynamic obstacles detected by Lidar are recognized and classified into the groups by a front camera and neural network.



Width: 170 mm

Height: 330 mm

Depth: 170 mm

Weight: 2 kg


360° camera, front camera, 3D scanner

Power supply

18 – 36 VDC


8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3


512-core Volta GPU

Operating system

Linux Ubuntu with ROS Melodic


Path segmentation, detection of static and dynamic objects, face recognition, environment scanning


  • raw data from sensors (image from 360° camera, image from the front camera, point cloud from 3D scanner)
  • detected objects marked with a bounding box (coordinates of corners, object designation, and success rate in percent)
  • live view with marked detected objects (bounding boxes)
  • path segmentation using a mask
  • live view with path segmentation using a mask
  • projection of data from a laser scanner into a 2D image mask
  • path segmentation mask with subtracted 2D mask projection (path segmentation with removed obstacles that were not recognized)


Protection class: IP 65


Autonomous road navigation

A robot equipped with an RTV sensor Box can move autonomously on paved roads, go through difficult intersections and avoid static and dynamic obstacles. This is ensured by the object detection, path segmentation, and environment scanning functions. Thanks to the live view from the camera, the robot can be monitored remotely and stopped if necessary.

Autonomous vineyard navigation

A mobile robot equipped with an RTV sensor Box can move autonomously in the vineyard, move between rows, or detect obstacles and avoid them. This is ensured by the vineyard and object detection and environment scanning functions. The sensor also provides live view from the camera, thanks to which the robot can be monitored remotely and possibly stopped.

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AON algorithm

AVN algorithm

ADN algorithm

ORC algorithm




RTV sensor Box


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