Autonomous vineyard navigation

AVN algorithm is a software solution that allows the robot to move between the rows of the vineyard without human intervention. It uses a sensor system for its autonomous movement, which detects rows of vines and possible obstacles. The software thus ensures a smooth movement in the vineyard, going from row to row, as well as stopping in case of an obstacle in the way. The robot can be monitored via a live view and teleoperator can remotely stopped it.

The solution is developed primarily for the vineyard, where the robot can mow the grass, spray the vines or cultivate the soil. The algorithm can also be mounted on a device designed for an orchard. The software can be modified for different platforms, but autonomous navigation requires the necessary sensor equipment. The optimal solution is to use one of our robotic platforms and the RTV sensor Box.

Supported kinematics

Differential, Ackerman

Output / communication

ROS topic cmd_vel

Required hardware

RTV sensor Box, IMU


Outdoors (vineyards, orchards)


Vineyard care

The AVN algorithm can be used for autonomous mowing, cultivation or spraying of the vineyard using a robotic platform.

Data collection

The AVN algorithm can be used to collect data necessary to detect disease germs or to determine the exact spray rates.

Vineyard security

The autonomous navigation algorithm can also be used for regular patrols in the vineyard, or for scaring pests.


The AVN algorithm consists of only one phase because the robot doesn´t need to map the environment and is controlled by reactive navigation.


For the correct function of the AVN algorithm, it is necessary to use the IMU and the RTV sensor Box on the robotic platform.


Solution for commercial platforms

A comprehensive solution with the necessary sensor equipment (RTV sensor Box), computational unit and AVN software, which is able to communicate with a mobile robotic platform supporting ROS via the ROS topic cmd_vel. The solution is suitable for implementing algorithms on various commercially available platforms.

Solution with our platform

A complete solution suitable for the end consumer which includes the necessary software tools (AVN algorithm) and hardware tools (RTV sensor Box, IMU). These tools are applied on one of our robotic platforms adapted to challenging terrain for autonomous movement in the vineyard or in the orchard.

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