RoboTech Vision is part of EXPO 2020 Dubai. The company presents its mobile robots

RoboTech Vision presentation

October 15, 2021  Presentation

RoboTech Vision has the opportunity to present its development platforms at the global exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai. The Androver II and Androver I robots are part of a permanent exhibition consisting of five Slovak companies. Slovakia will thus be presented, among others, by an autonomous robot with AI and a mobile robot that was part of an ESA space mission.

In addition to developing intelligent devices, RoboTech Vision is also working to popularize robotics. That’s why the company has decided to present its development platforms at the world exhibition EXPO 2020. Although the exhibition had to be postponed by a year due to the pandemic, its focus remained the same. The theme of the Slovak pavilion is “mobility” with sub-categories such as hydrogen, aviation, and space. In the “space” category RoboTech Vision has the opportunity to show the world its development platforms.

“Our company is not primarily focused on the space sector; we are trying to develop universal solutions. Yet, as it turns out, our robots have potential in this area as well. An example is the Androver I robot, which was part of a simulated ESA space mission in 2020, but also our autonomous navigation with AI elements on the Androver II robot, which does not require GPS and is thus also usable on other planets, beyond Earth.”

Ing. Peter Pásztó, PhD.

CEO, RoboTech Vision

Robots not just for space

Visitors to the Dubai exhibition have the opportunity to try their hand at controlling the Androver I robot. This robot is actually a faithful copy of Androver I, which is currently still in Hawaii, where it is being used for the purpose of other simulated space missions led by Dr. Michaela Musilova. The company has also sent a larger autonomous robot, Androver II, to Dubai, which underwent on-site testing at ESA in 2018 and will be available as a static exhibit at the EXPO.

Both robots have served as development platforms for RoboTech Vision. The company started out developing autonomous navigation algorithms on Androver I and gradually created the larger Androver II model. The company has now moved on to more commercial versions of the robots, which are also available for sale. The company’s robotic portfolio so far consists of the Caster indoor robot and the Crawler offroad platform. Both robots include software and autonomous navigation that have been debugged right on the development platforms. The Managing Director for the Dubai World Expo 2020, Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimi, also came to see our devices. 

“Our development platforms represent us and our country at EXPO 2020. It’s actually proof of how our company has progressed and developed smarter and more robust devices. And that is exactly our message. We see our participation in the Dubai World Expo as an opportunity to show that our country has the potential and skilled professionals to develop smarter devices as well. We would like to show the world that Slovakia is not only assembly factory but also the development workshop of Europe.”

Ing. Martin Smoľák

CEO, RoboTech Vision

Dozens of Slovak companies divided into various categories participate in the World EXPO 2020. In addition to RoboTech Vision, Virtual reality media, Matador Gorup, Rošero and Joker Trike are also be part of permanent exhibition. The area of the Slovak pavilion is 1,306 m² and will guide visitors through the mobility segments with an emphasis on hydrogen propulsion technologies as the fuel of the future, technologies in the aviation and space sectors. The exhibition takes place every five years and lasts six months. It is a festival aimed at the public, business people and diplomats.

Author of the post

Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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