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February 27, 2023  News

After RoboTech Vision was selected by the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic to present its solutions at the V4 security discussions last year, the cooperation between the two parties has expanded. The company together with the Armed Forces Academy subsequently applied for the National Defense Research and Development Project, for which they were awarded full points. Thanks to this, RoboTech Vision will have the opportunity to develop a plan for the production of a semi-autonomous robotic reconnaissance vehicle designed for the purposes of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. 

The project is realised in cooperation with Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik and is financed by:

Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic

In June 2022, through the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, RoboTech Vision had the opportunity to present its autonomous solutions in Debrecen. After achieving the best results among the competitors in the discussions of the armed forces of the V4 countries, the company decided to continue in this direction. RoboTech Vision in cooperation with the Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik, successfully applied for the Research and Development Project to support national defense: Semi-autonomous reconnaissance robotic vehicle. Thus, over a ten-month period, robotics experts and members of the state’s military college will work together to develop a plan that will result in an analysis of the use of their current solutions for the purposes of the future reconnaissance robot for MOSR.

“Our aim and objective of the Armed Forces Academy will be to explore the existing solutions that we have achieved in research and development over the last few years. We will try to find suitable conjunction, complement each other and analyse the potential of both sides in the field of national defense. The result will be not only the design of a specific autonomous robotic solution for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, but also the advancement of the robotics company in the field of defense and the students of the military college in the robotics sphere.”

Ing. Peter Pásztó, PhD.

CEO, RoboTech Vision

Army autonomous robot

The project contains individual steps from the summarization of the research and development activities of RoboTech Vision and the Armed Forces Academy to a final report with a proposal for the realization of a prototype of a semi-autonomous reconnaissance mobile robotic platform for the military environment. Thanks to its ability to autonomously survey its surroundings it is ultimately intended for exploration of unknown terrain. Therefore, both sides will have to cope with the conditions of the outdoor and indoor environment, as well as the choice of a suitable chassis to meet the requirements of the soldiers or the possibilities of the hardware and software. The project will also include military objects detection and an interaction of the robot with a human using artificial intelligence algorithms developed by RoboTech Vision.

I believe it will be a very beneficial cooperation. We will have to adapt our hardware and software to the needs of the armed forces, however, we are constantly striving to develop our solutions universally – for different environments, different chassis and different types of tasks, making this possible. We’ve been working on autonomous navigation on the road and in the vineyard for a long time, so I’m glad that we can use these AI algorithms in other environments. I also see it as an interesting challenge and an opportunity to look into this area as well. Thus, I believe that our algorithms will become not only more practical, but also more helpful to use.”

Ing. Martin Smoľák

CEO, RoboTech Vision

The project documentation also includes an introduction of the company and a short description of its achievements and awards to date, which include, in addition to the first place at the V4 safety discussions, winning the Istrobot competition, where the company won the first place in the autonomous driving category. Slovakia’s presentation at EXPO 2020 also helped the company to win the project, and the company also stood out in the media for its participation in a simulated ESA mission. The company also managed to get a project from the military sector, in its early days, which will make their experience in this field not entirely new.

Author of the post

Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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