Examples of AI use: The robot recognizes faces and distributes drinks

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March 23, 2022  Development

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses. It can help people to sort data, help with image processing and automate various other processes. RoboTech Vision uses AI for security projects where the neural network recognizes people or animals, as well as for robot navigation, which, thanks to algorithms, distinguishes obstacles and a suitable path for movement. However, artificial intelligence can also be used for other types of tasks, such as distributing drinks or food during the pandemic.

Object and face recognition is already a relatively widespread function not only in robotics, but also in common devices such as smartphones and door intercoms. However, RoboTech Vision has developed its own algorithm, which it uses mainly in autonomous robot navigation. The so-called ORC algorithm can not only distinguish between static and dynamic objects or environments, but also learn new things. In a recent article RoboTech Vision dealt with how object detection, learning methods, and anti-abuse mechanisms work. Now, however, we have decided to combine robot navigation with people recognition and the specific task of distributing fluids during the spread of COVID-19.

The robot delivers food

For over two years, the entire world has been operating in a restricted mode, including isolation. How will a robotic company react to such a situation? It will use its assistants to prevent personal contact among workers and each of them simultaneously have the necessary supply of fluids. The company used the Caster robot for this task, designed mainly for the interior. The company added an ORC algorithm to it, for this reason the robot knows whom to deliver food to and, in particular, invites everyone to take a bottle. It recognizes workers with great success, even if they have a mask on their faces. At a time when the robot does not have a close person, it calls on the environment to observe preventive measures.

We could call this solution a novelty, because so far, our development has largely focused on autonomous outdoor navigation. There we used the AON algorithm when moving on the roads, which mainly works with the help of mapping. In the vineyard, we use the AVN algorithm, in which the robot only navigates what it sees. We have now taken the principles from both navigations and are gradually applying them to the interior, which brings more new challenges such as less space for movement, the absence of a GPS signal, but also obstacles that can change position. However, Caster showed that it handled the environment well. It recognized its colleagues, fulfilled the assigned task and made the day more pleasurable for some of them”.

Ing. Matej Vargovčík

Robotics engineer, RoboTech Vision

The solution is part of a test whereby the company fine-tunes interior navigation before it goes on sale. Solution could be used for various types of tasks, such as the autonomous distribution of medicines in a hospital, the disinfection of premises or as mobile assistance in the purchase of food. The device could also be supplemented with a robotic arm and would include a docking system. The company is trying to develop algorithms so that they can be deployed in the future on other devices, not only robots.

Riešenie je súčasťou testu, pri ktorom spoločnosť dolaďuje interiérovú navigáciu predtým, než ju uvedie do predaja. Takéto riešenie by sa dalo využiť na rôzne typy úloh, napríklad na autonómne roznášanie liekov v nemocnici, dezinfekciu priestorov či ako mobilná pomoc pri nákupe potravín. Zariadenie by sa mohlo tiež doplniť o robotické rameno a súčasťou by bol aj dokovací systém, ktorý spoločnosť aktuálne dokončuje. Firma sa pritom snaží algoritmy vyvíjať tak, aby ich bolo možné v budúcnosti nasadiť aj na iné zariadenia, nielen roboty.

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