Application for army training

Military simulation software is an application used for realistic training of professional troops in outdoor conditions. The software is based on the principle of a laser game and displays the GPS position, status, and detailed information of soldiers on a map in real-time. At the same time, it is possible to display data from more than 500 soldier leaders.

The application includes a system for monitoring soldiers, an exercise evaluation system, and a training record player. The entire system was developed in collaboration with Q-products and BITtechnik, with RoboTech Vision being subcontracted for the software. The simulation software for soldiers is currently being used by several foreign military units to prepare for the field and real conditions.


Monitoring system

The unit commander uses the application to control the progress of training. It can affect whether soldiers are alive, wounded, or dead.

Evaluation system

Soldiers are divided into different units. Thanks to the software, the commander can evaluate their performance and compare them.

Training recordings

The simulation software also includes recording of trainings and their archiving in order to evaluate performance or draw conclusions.


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