Androver II underwent testing for a geological project

RoboTech Vision presentation

July 19, 2018  News

A geological research company shown interest in the prototype Androver II mobile robot developed by RoboTech Vision. The robot should become part of a project that examines whether landfills are well insulated from the soil and safe for nature.

Robot for geological research

Androver II is a universal device developed for various environments and types of tasks. Thanks to the Double Ackerman chassis and 500 W Hub motor, the device is also suitable for demanding terrain. Its chassis design, construction, hardware components, sensor equipment, control system implementation and software solutions are developed from the ground up by RoboTech Vision.

The robot dealt with unpaved terrain, obstacles in the way and hills at the landfill. The test’s aim was to find out what modifications Androver II needs to be suitable for a geological project. The device can be supplemented with a robotic arm, camera or other sensor system. Androver II is controlled with a joystick or using the Android application. The company also develops control of the robot using voice commands, as well as its fully autonomous version.

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Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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