Androver II robot drove 1,5 kilometers autonomously using our algorithm

RoboTech Vision presentation

May 28, 2019  Development

Mark detection, object recognition and tracking, vineyard row scanning and, most recently, segmentation of a suitable path for movement. These are all algorithms that RoboTech Vision tests on robots and plans to combine them into a fully autonomous and intelligent device.

Static and dynamic obstacles

After RoboTech Vision won first place in the international Istrobot competition in the autonomous driving category, the company set another goal for Androver II. To participate in the Robotour Marathon 2019. The first test of the robot had excellent results.

Androver II drove 1,5 km continuously. The robot uses a sensor system and our algorithm for its autonomous movement, by which it is able to segment a path suitable for movement. It detected and avoided static and dynamic obstacles too.

Author of the post

Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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