Androver II participated in the Talks conference

RoboTech Vision presentation

November 24, 2018  Presentation

The team of RoboTech Vision presented its robot Androver II at the Talks conference in Bratislava in front of important people from diplomacy and various fields of business. The company was interviewed about the purpose of the robot and its mission. During the presentation, the team also showed a short demonstration of the Androver II’s movement.

Part of the Innovation fair section

The Talks conference is held annually in London, Warsaw, Budapest, and Bratislava. It contains a series of talks with innovative ideas. The event, organized by HB Reavis, connects inspiring people from different business fields, and promotes the development of innovative ideas. The fifth edition of the conference focused on stress management and the principle of effective learning.

In the “Innovation Fair” section, RoboTech Vision presented its robotic platform Androver II, and after a short interview, visitors had the opportunity to take a closer look at the movements of the robot, which is currently preparing for a simulated mission to Hawaii. The robot is controlled by a joystick or an Android app. The company is developing the robot in such a way that communication with it is also possible via voice commands or it can autonomously follow a human.

Author of the post

Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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