Husky A200 robot recognizes and autonomously follows objects

RoboTech Vision presentation

December 7, 2018  Development

After the Husky A200 robot was able to autonomously follow the mark, RoboTech Vision managed to improve the algorithm so that the robot would track even unmarked objects. Thanks to the added camera, 3D scanner and our algorithm, it recognizes and follows a person now.

RoboTech Vision strives to develop universal software that would be suitable for various types of robotic chassis. An example is the algorithm that allows the robot to recognize and follow objects. The robot is able to determine the position of objects in space and keep a safe distance from the monitored object. The company has tested the software on the Husky A200 robotic platform now.

Detects and follows objects

To deploy an algorithm using artificial intelligence elements, it was necessary to make several hardware modifications to the robot. In addition to the expansion of the sensor system, the Husky A200 platform by Clearpath Robotics was supplemented with a GPU, which was also related to the solution of cooling the entire system.

The company plans to combine individual software elements such as mark tracking or object recognition and develop a universal, intelligent, autonomous device that detects a suitable path for movement, decides at intersections, recognizes and bypasses obstacles.

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