Husky A200 robot autonomously follows the mark thanks to our algorithm

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October 18, 2018  Development

A Husky A200 mobile robotic platform with an UR 5 robotic arm, a Novatel SMART6-L GPS system, a Velodyne Puck 3D laser scanner and a Hokuyo 2D scanner arrived a few months ago. After minor modifications, adding a camera and deploying our algorithm, the robot moves autonomously.

Autonomous after a few months

The Husky A200 mobile robot by Clearpath Robotics is an open platform that RoboTech Vision uses to develop its own algorithms. Recently robot has been supplemented with a camera and software thanks to which it can follow a mark. A similar principle can be used for autonomous charging, where high accuracy is required, or for tracking a person wearing a mark.

The company plans to deploy the algorithm on the Androver II robot, which is to take part in a simulated NASA mission in Hawaii. Software called Follow Me can be useful for surveying terrain and transferring heavy geological samples that the robot takes away instead of a human. To deploy computationally intensive neural networks, it was necessary to make several changes to the robot. The next step is to teach the robot to recognize and follow objects and so develop an intelligent and autonomous device.

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Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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