We have developed autonomous map navigation and obstacle avoidance

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November 13, 2019  Development

Thanks to our algorithm, the Husky A200 robotic platform by the Canadian company Clearpath Robotics moves autonomously along a selected route, while bypassing static and dynamic obstacles. The environment must first be mapped by a teleoperator before autonomous driving.

Extension of the algorithm by a map

RoboTech Vision has developed an algorithm that allows the robot to segment the path or rows of vines. However, the company decided to extend the so-called reactive navigation, when the robot responds to conditions in the environment with its sensor system, to include mapping data to increase safety. It is a navigation using a local map of the environment which, with the necessary sensor equipment, can be deployed to another device.

Therefore, the environment in which the robot is to move autonomously must be mapped in a teleoperator mode first, when the robot uses sensors to scan the environment. The robot then navigates to the specified waypoint, mainly according to the map. But it still perceives its surroundings and in case of incorrect location on the map or at the risk of collision with an obstacle. In that case it starts to follow reactive navigation, replans the route, bypasses the obstacle and continues according to the map to the specified destination.

Author of the post

Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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