RoboTech Vision presented the robot Androver II at the power plant in Piešťany

RoboTech Vision presentation

January 29, 2019  Presentation

After RoboTech Vision’s successful cooperation with the Power Plant Piešťany at the Researchers’ Night event in Bratislava, the team visited the renovated premises of the power plant together with the Androver II robot. Visitors saw the robot in motion, asked many questions and took part in a short quiz for interesting prizes. Younger visitors tried programming small Ozobots.

Presentation, workshop, and competition

The old Power Plant in Piešťany is a reconstructed industrial monument from the beginning of the 20th century. The former municipal diesel power plant, which began its operation in 1906, is listed as a national cultural monument. In 2009, West Slovak Energy company decided to revitalize the power plant for wider social use, with the aim of promoting the development of scientific and technical knowledge among children and young people.

One example is the Science Café event, in which RoboTech Vision also participated. One of the company’s goals is to popularize robotics among the public. The robotics team therefore prepared an interactive program for the visitors. After a short company presentation followed by a quiz, the company members also presented the movement of Androver II robot. The younger visitors, on the other hand, could try programming the Ozobot robot toy.

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