RoboTech Vision participated in the European Researchers’ Night

RoboTech Vision presentation

September 30, 2018  Presentation

RoboTech Vision participated in the European Researchers’ Night science festival in Bratislava. Visitors had the opportunity to see Androver II robot live and try to control the Androver I robot. The team answered curious questions and was interviewed about their projects.

Presentation of the scientific results

The RoboTech Vision team, together with several other interesting projects, took part in the largest science-popularization event in Slovakia, which is regularly organized the last Friday in September. The aim is to increase interest, especially among young people, in science and technology, research and innovation. At the festival, scientists present the results of their work to the public and point out their importance or contribution to everyday life.

RoboTech Vision, together with the Power Plant Piešťany, presented the Androver I and Androver II robots. Visitors could try to control the smaller one with an ergonomic joystick. The larger Androver II robot recently returned from the European Rover Challenge, the largest international space and robotics event in the world. RoboTech Vision presented there a robotic platform that will participate in a simulated space mission in Hawaii.

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Dominika Krajčovičová

Marketing manager

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