Androver II robot attended the European Rover Challenge

RoboTech Vision presentation

September 19, 2018  Presentation

RoboTech Vision participated in the European Rover Challenge 2018 in Poland. It is one of the largest international space and robotics events in the world. The team presented the Androver II robot in front of space industry leaders.

Leaders from NASA and ESA

The European Rover Challenge is a prestigious space robotics event that combines an international mobile robotics competition with science and technology presentations. Since 2014, the event’s goal has been to bring closer space to the public and inform people about the growing role of modern technology. ERC is also a meeting place for leaders from NASA and ESA who are looking for ideas and robotic solutions that can be applied in real cosmonautics. Although RoboTech Vision company is not focused only on space, some of its solutions can be applied here as well.

For example, one of the leaders was Steve Jurczyk, who works at NASA, or Harrison Schmitt, NASA astronaut and member of the Apollo 17 mission. The main part of the program is an international robotics competition, where academic teams from around the world presented their mobile robots in competitions inspired by real ESA and NASA missions. The competition took a place on the world’s largest artificial Mars track, which simulates the surface of red planet. Here, RoboTech Vision presented its Androver II, which will soon participate in a simulated space mission to Hawaii.

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