Caster mobile robot has found application as a UVC disinfection solution

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January 23, 2021  News

It didn’t take long for the versatile Caster robotic platform developed by RoboTech Vision to find its use. It is a mobile disinfection solution with a 500 W germicidal UVC lamp and a camera that uses AI to detect people in the environment and the robot then switches off the dangerous light. The solution protects staff from entering potentially dangerous areas and reduces the disinfection time.

Caster robot in combination with a UVC germicidal lamp has found a practical use as a disinfection solution. The platform was particularly suitable for this purpose because UVC technologies are used in indoor areas, for that the robot is mainly designed. The Caster is characterized by very good agility thanks to its maintenance-free drives and can rotate 180° on the spot.

Camera detects a person

Thanks to its large wheels, the robot is able to overcome obstacles such as door thresholds and its size allows it to pass through doors. Caster is also quiet and does not disturb its surroundings. The main advantage of a germicidal lamp on a robotic chassis is that the action radius of the lamp becomes movable, which reduces both disinfection time and electrical energy. The robot is thus energy-efficient and also features a high level of intelligence thanks to the AI elements.

With the help of AI, the robot detects the presence of a person in the 360° camera image and switches off dangerous light. The device is controlled remotely using a joystick and transmits a live view to the app via a Wifi network. The staff controlling the robot remotely therefore do not have to enter potentially dangerous areas.  The robot can also be switched off remotely on site with the emergency stop button. The mobile disinfection solution is suitable for disinfecting hotels, passenger transport, warehouses and medical premises.

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