The first test of Androver II was successful

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March 19, 2018  Development

The Androver II mobile robot developed by RoboTech Vision successfully passed the first test outdoors. The robot is controlled by a teleoperator and is to be part of a simulated mission organized by NASA, for field research and sample collection. Androver II is a larger and more durable successor to the Androver I robot.

Androver II is a prototype of a mobile four-wheeled robot designed primarily for the outdoor environment. It is a universal type of rover that can be adapted to perform different types of tasks. Its use depends on tools and sensor equipment. Most recently, the robot should take part in a simulated mission in Hawaii, the planned start of which has been postponed.

Developed from the ground up

Androver II successfully passed the first test outdoors. Even uneven terrain is not a problem for the robot thanks to the Double Ackerman chassis and the 500 W Hub motor. The robot can be controlled with a joystick or using an Android application. The company plans to develop the robot in such a way that it is also possible to communicate with it via voice commands and that it can autonomously follow an astronaut.

The chassis design and construction, hardware components, sensor equipment, implementation of the control system and software solution have been developed by RoboTech Vision from the ground up. Technologies such as Java, C, C++, Python, ROS, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Prolog and others were used for its development. The company also plans to deploy algorithms with artificial intelligence elements on the robot.

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