Androver I robot went on a space mission to the “Moon”

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September 27, 2019  News

Together with the Slovak astrobiologist Dr. Michaela Musilová, mobile robot Androver I left for the HI-SEAS centre in Hawaii, where it will be part of a simulated mission organised under the auspices of the European Space Agency. The rover will have to demonstrate resilience in a challenging volcanic environment designed to simulate the surface of the Moon.

Designed for field research

A larger Androver II robot model was originally intended for the mission in Hawaii. However, the first scheduled mission was cancelled after a few days due to injury and the resignation of one of the crew members. Androver II has meanwhile been tested at ESA, but for its further development, the company has finally decided to deploy Androver I in the space project, which is more suitable for the mission due to its smaller size. The company is currently completing autonomous outdoor navigation with Androver II mobile robot. The mission is focused on the research of lava caves. The robot’s task will be to use the camera to capture the surroundings even in less accessible parts of the terrain. 

Its more efficient movement is ensured by the Double Ackerman chassis and the robot is controlled by a teleoperator using a joystick. Androver I was prepared for the mission by Matej Poliaček, a member of RoboTech Vision, and the team. The project was created at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava for educational purposes and currently the company has innovated it for the mission’s requirements.

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