RoboTech Vision presented its work at a space conference

RoboTech Vision presentation

July 2, 2019  Presentation

RoboTech Vision participated in the first edition of Slovak Space Tech Day in Košice. At the conference, opportunities for Slovak companies in the field of space technology were discussed. The first event presents a series of activities aimed at promoting the diversification of the Slovak economy and supporting the development of its high-tech sectors.

Opportunity for Slovakia

Dozens of researchers and representatives from the space industry, including RoboTech Vision, participated in the Slovak Space Tech Day 2019 organised by SARIO. The European space industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Slovakia is currently only a cooperating state of ESA and has the possibility to become an associate member, which would give Slovak researchers or companies more opportunities in international cooperation and in receiving grants for their projects. Presenting the potential of this sector was therefore one of the main goals of a event.

The main topic was to present the current opportunities of the Slovak space sector and at the same time to expand the contact network not only in Slovakia but also abroad. RoboTech Vision was presented by Matej Poliaček, who is currently preparing the Androver I robot for a simulated mission to the “Moon”, which will take place at the HI-SEAS center in Hawaii. Our robotic platforms as well as navigation algorithms attracted the attention of representatives from both industrial and university fields.

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