New Husky A200 mobile robot with UR5 robotic arm has arrived

RoboTech Vision presentation

July 25, 2018  News

We received a Husky A200 mobile robot with a UR 5 robotic arm from Canada after four months. The platform developed by Clearpath Robotics will be used to develop autonomous navigation algorithms for the outdoor environment.

As one of the few companies in Central Europe, we have the opportunity to develop the Husky A200 mobile robot from Clearpath. The platform is equipped with a UR 5 robotic arm, a Novatel SMART6-L GPS system, a Velodyne Puck 3D laser scanner and a Hokuyo 2D scanner. Both hardware and software components will be used to develop autonomous algorithms for the exterior where Husky is primarily intended.

The goal is a fully intelligent robot

RoboTech Vision seeks to develop a universal algorithm that would be suitable for different types of robotic chassis. After debugging the algorithms for the Double Ackerman chassis, which has the Androver II robot from RoboTech Vision, the company decided to adapt its software also for a robotic platform with a differential chassis which is more durable in more demanding terrain.

Husky A200 is an open platform, so RoboTech Vision plans to deploy algorithms with artificial intelligence elements and develop an autonomous and smart device capable of detecting a path, recognising and avoiding dynamic obstacles or listening to human commands. Such a device would be suitable for research or security purposes.

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Marketing manager

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